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Final Averages

Official averages for USBC members are available on BOWL.COM using the "Find a Member" feature.

Click on the file name in the list below to view the report you desire.

To download a report, right click on the file name and select the download/save option.

2008-09: avg0809.pdf

2009-10: avg0910.pdf

2010-11: avg1011.pdf

2011-12: avg1112.pdf

2012-13: avg1213.pdf

2013-14: avg1314.pdf

2014-15: avg1415.pdf

2015-16: avg1516.pdf

2016-17: avg1617.pdf

2017-18: avg1718.pdf

2018-19: avg1819.pdf

2019-20: avg1920.pdf

2020-21: avg2021.pdf

2021-22: avg2122.pdf

2022-23: avg2223.pdf

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