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In Memoriam

This page is dedicated in memory of Southern Tier USBC members who have deceased during the current season. We have created this page on our website as a tribute to the men and women who have helped build and sustain organized bowling in the Southern Tier. We invite you to send the names of deceased members for inclusion on this page. Please send information to us using the contact information provided on our home page. We also acknowledge our deceased members in the program book for our annual Hall of Fame & Special Awards Banquet.

Randall L. Gilbert (8/1/23)
Clyde F. Barnes Sr. (8/4/23)
Thomas "Toby" E. Woodard (8/8/23)
Virginia M. Boylan (8/10/23)
Philip "Sonny" DiOrio (8/16/23)
Brian T. Barry (8/18/23)
Earnest A. Mauro (8/20/23)
Ross H. Saddlemire Jr. (8/22/23)
Marlene L. Wolfinger (9/2/23)
Christopher J. DeWolfe (9/3/23)
Megan E. O'Hearn (9/8/23)
Gary E. Rozelle (10/3/23)
Edith M. Faatz (10/16/23)
Ann K. Barton (10/25/23)
Mary A. Sullivan (11/1/23)
Richard J. Haskell (11/3/23)
Sally A. Cole (11/12/23) *
Patrick M. Murray (11/18/23)
William P. Pingarelli (11/18/23)
Shannon E. Degnan (12/3/23)
Edwin D. Dougherty Jr. (12/11/23)
Lars G. Peterson Sr. (12/13/23)
James R. Howe (12/15/23)
Glenn E. Hopler (12/18/23)
John "Jack" E. Herrick (12/24/23)
Mary A. Roadcap (12/30/23)
Timothy P. Giblin (1/2/24)
Larry T. Forkey (1/5/24)
Robert J. Gadus (1/12/24)
Mary Ellen Cuevas (1/15/24)
Marvin A. Cohen (1/21/24)
Beth E. Corl (1/23/24)
John "Jack" L. Kotchick III (2/11/24)
Shirley A. Hurd (2/12/24)
Kenneth M. Hatlee (2/16/24)
Donna L. Hull (2/20/24)
James E. Boucher (2/25/24)
Fred W. Johnston Sr. (3/11/24)
Lorraine L. Curtin (3/18/24)
Evan B. Hanzalik (3/23/24)
Sheila J. Bowman (4/2/24)
Richard J. Jacobs (4/5/24)
George E. Lewis (4/8/24)
Mary Lou Pierce (4/14/24)
Randall C. Bostwick (4/15/24)
Elizabeth "Betty" A. Pollard (4/17/24) *
Joseph L. Watson Jr. (5/6/24)
Donald N. Turock (6/6/24)

* Southern Tier USBC Hall of Fame member

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