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Bowler of the Year

The purpose of the Southern Tier USBC Bowler of the Year special award is to annually honor two adult members of the Southern Tier USBC, one female and one male, who have met a minimum set of criteria to be eligible for the award and are ranked by points earned against all other eligible candidates. The eligible adult female and adult male candidates receiving the highest total scored points will be selected as a Bowler of the Year for the "given season". The "given season" is defined as the Spring/Summer of the prior bowling season plus the Fall/Winter of the current bowling season.


To view the Bowler of the Year criteria, click/tap on the following document link: botycrit.pdf


Following is the list of recipients of the Southern Tier USBC Bowler of the Year award.

Adult Female

2008-09 Nicole Ryan
2009-10 Carol Potter
2010-11 Beckie Eynon
2011-12 Beckie Eynon
2012-13 Laura Zanrucha
2013-14 Beckie Eynon
2014-15 Sarah Lee
2015-16 Kathleen Peters
2016-17 Sarah Krager
2017-18 Sarah Krager
2018-19 Laura Zanrucha
2019-20 Laura Zanrucha

2020-21 Laura Zanrucha
2021-22 Laura Zanrucha
2022-23 Laura Zanrucha

Adult Male
2008-09 Dennis Erion
2009-10 Wayne D. Evans
2010-11 Jeffrey Ripic
2011-12 Chad Robbins
2012-13 Scott Wertman
2013-14 Dennis Erion
2014-15 Jeffrey Ripic
2015-16 Scott Wertman
2016-17 Philip Drumm
2017-18 Philip Drumm
2018-19 Clay Atwater Jr.
2019-20 Clay Atwater Jr.

2020-21 Gary Burns
2021-22 Clay Atwater Jr.
2022-23 Alex Sherman

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