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Scholarship Information


The Southern Tier USBC provides scholarships to deserving Seniors from our youth bowling programs. Center Youth Program coordinators are provided with scholarship applications that they distribute to the seniors in their programs and also to seniors in the area High School bowling programs. Scholarships are awarded through SMART program to two male and female seniors each year. Click HERE to download a Southern Tier USBC Youth Scholarship application form.


The Junior Youth Doubles and Adult-Junior Doubles tournaments also provide scholarships to winners in those tournaments. See our tournament page for more information.


Some of the Youth Programs at the bowling centers also provide scholarships to graduating seniors. Check with your Center Youth Program coordinator.


The NYS-USBC has several opportunities for applying for scholarships through fall. Please check the Youth Scholarship section of the New York State USBC website. In addition, there are NYS youth bowling tournaments that provide scholarships to winners. See the NYS Youth Tournaments page for more information.



One of the great benefits of USBC Youth membership is the chance to earn college scholarships! Several scholarship applications are due Dec. 1, so we encourage association leaders and youth directors to make sure your USBC Youth bowlers are aware of the following scholarships:

  • Alberta E. Crowe Star of Tomorrow

  • Chuck Hall Star of Tomorrow

  • USBC Youth Ambassador

  • USBC Earl Anthony Memorial Scholarship

  • USBC Annual Zeb Scholarship

  • USBC Gift for Life Scholarships

Go to for complete information on scholarships and SMART.

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