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Youth Program Information

Bowling is a lifetime sport and is an excellent recreational activity for all ages and ability levels. Because of the relatively small expenditure of energy required for participation in the game, an athlete can participate in bowling for many more years than other sports. Bowling is considered one of the largest participant sports and has emerged as a sport for the entire family to play and enjoy.

Our Southern Tier Bowling programs coach our youth in the sport of bowling, encourage them to participate in the many competitive tournaments held at the local and state level, teach them the many aspects of good sportsmanship and the importance of respecting others, allow them to build friendships and team building skills, enable them to feel a sense of pride in their bowling accomplishments, and provide them with the opportunity to win monetary scholarships that could be used to fund their future education.


These programs include:

  • Saturday morning youth leagues sponsored by the individual bowling centers, that include coaching for all ages and skill levels

  • Annual association tournaments

  1. Southern Tier USBC Junior Team Championship Tournament

  2. Southern Tier USBC Junior Doubles Tournament

  3. Southern Tier USBC Adult/Junior Tournament

  • Southern Tier BPA Junior Travel League – a Sunday Morning Travel League for youth of all ages

  • NY State Tournaments – Team, Youth Scholarship, Adult/Junior and Pepsi

  • Youth Bowling Tour – for those youth bowlers who want to experience challenging shots and competition.


At the end of each season, during our Southern Tier USBC Hall of Fame dinner, we honor two high school seniors with scholarships. Through support from our Southern Tier USBC members, we are able to award $1000 in total scholarships each year. These funds are available through USBC SMART accounts to be used towards college or trade school tuition.


At the New York State level, there was almost $70,000 in scholarships awarded over their 3 sponsored tournaments, plus an additional $16,000 awarded to ten graduating high school seniors.


We encourage you to consider involving your child in a youth program by contacting your local bowling center or contact our association office. The season starts in September and ends in April, but you can start at any time.

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